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Guide to Kitchen Lighting from Ryness

27 August 2010

For some, thekitchen is the hub of the house: home to family meals, candle-lit suppers,homework projects and leisurely weekend brunches. For some, it’s where they getto indulge their love of cooking for hours on end, and for some it’s simplywhere they indulge their love of snacking with late-night raids of the fridge.No matter whether it’s where you cook up a storm or just crack open a beer withyour mates, the kitchen is an important room in the house. Effective lightingcan help you make the most out of your kitchen and is all too often anafterthought. Leading domestic lightingsupplier Ryness ( its guide to kitchen lighting.


Consider yourpersonal use of the kitchen. It may seem obvious at first, but as discussed,people use the kitchen in all sorts of different ways. Cooking enthusiasts willhave different lighting requirements to people who primarily socialise in thekitchen, and those who eat in the kitchen on a regular basis will needdifferent lighting to those who just use it as a means to an end. Think abouthow you really use your kitchen on a regular basis and then plan your lightingaround it. Spot lights directed onto work surfaces are ideal for cooks, whereasceiling pendant lights will illuminate a kitchen table more effectively. If yousocialise in your kitchen ambient lighting may be right for you, whereas if youhave a utilitarian relationship with your kitchen you may want to go for amoney-saving option with basic cheaplightbulbs.


The choice of light bulbs and light fittings for thekitchen is immense, from LED lighting tostrip lighting, recessed lighting, energysaving light bulbs and more. Ryness helps you narrow down the search bydividing all of its lighting products into clearly defined departments so youcan find just the right product for your needs. Be imaginative, however – manypeople concentrate on how to light their living rooms and bedrooms but nottheir kitchen. When you consider how much a kitchen costs this seems strange.You’ve probably spent a good deal on your kitchen so why not show it off to itsfull potential? There are so many ingenious lighting options available forkitchens if you just do a little research and use your imagination: under shelfand under cabinet lighting; dimmable lightbulbs;kitchen island lighting; spot lighting on attractive areas of the kitchen andnot just on the surfaces, etc. Take a browse through the different lightingdepartments at get inspired about how to light one of the most important rooms of thehouse.


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