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LED Bulbs

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BELL 4W 300mm S14s Opal 2 Peg Architectural LED Lamp

Delivery in 1-2 days
Our Price (inc. VAT) £15.99
RRP : £27.99
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Bell 4W Opal 284mm LED Strip Light

  • Replacement for old 284mm filament tubes
  • Warm White - 3000k
  • Direct replacement for a 30W lamp
  • 20,000 hour life
Delivery in 1-2 days
Our Price (inc. VAT) £9.99
RRP : £21.49
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Integral LED GU10 PAR16 5W (50W) 4000K 390lm Non-Dimmable Lamp

Delivery in 1-2 days
Our Price (inc. VAT) £4.00
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Bell 4W Dimmable SES Clear 45mm LED Round Ball Lamp

Delivery in 1-2 days
Our Price (inc. VAT) £9.99
RRP : £14.99
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BELL - 240V 7W LED Candle Lamp - BC

Delivery in 1-2 days
Our Price (inc. VAT) £4.78
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Integral GLS 9.5W Non Dimmable ES LED Lamp - Warm White

Delivery in 1-2 days
Our Price (inc. VAT) £3.70

LED lighting technology has rapidly developed in the last few years and many LED light designs are now available for use at home. Extensive development and promising outcomes are expected in the next few years for LED lighting making it the choice of light for the future.

What is an LED light?

LED stands for ‘light emitting diode’. A diode is made from semiconductor materials which electrons transfer through and produce UV-radiation. The UV-radiation emitted is transformed into white light by the diode’s fluorescent coating rather than heating a filament like in incandescent lights. LEDs are the most energy efficient type of light bulb around and various designs are available for nearly every household lighting purpose.

Some Benefits of LED Light Bulbs and LED Lighting

LED technology has many benefits which makes LEDs an excellent choice for many purposes.

The current benefits are:

Ultra energy efficient - around 85% better than incandescent
Ultra long life - with average use at least 25,000 hours (That's around 25 years to you and me!)
100% Instant light as soon as you switch on
Good colour rendering is available
Ability to be dimmed well (an adequate dimmer is necessary)
Little heat produced by the light beam
ideal technology for directional lighting (e.g. spots).
Life is not shortened by frequent on/off use
No mercury content or UV radiation.

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LED Light Bulbs are the future of lighting and Ryness have a huge range at great prices.