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Many thanks for that. A pleasure to get such good service and also I am really pleased with the lights themselves.

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Ken Harris

Energy Saving Bulbs

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15W ES Daylight Energy Saving Bulb

Our Price (inc. VAT) £3.99
RRP : £10.99
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15W BC Daylight Energy Saving Bulb

Our Price (inc. VAT) £4.49
RRP : £10.99
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15W BC Sensor Energy Saving Light Bulb

Our Price (inc. VAT) £7.99
RRP : £19.99
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GE 28W 2D White 4 Pin Lamp 3500k

Our Price (inc. VAT) £5.99
RRP : £6.99
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AURORA GU10 11W Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Our Price (inc. VAT) £14.95
RRP : £16.99
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Bell - 15w BC Spiral Daylight 6500k

Delivery in 1-2 days
Our Price (inc. VAT) £3.25
RRP : £8.99
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Bell 28W 2D White 4 Pin Lamp 3500

Our Price (inc. VAT) £3.99
RRP : £6.99

If you're looking for a great way to save money and reduce electricity consumption, energy saving light bulbs are the answer. We've helped customers save thousands of pounds on fuel bills, not to mention the positive impact they have had on the environment.

The benefits of buying energy saving light bulbs

When you purchase low energy light bulbs from, you'll be taking a big step towards reducing your carbon footprint - and saving money at the same time. Energy saving bulbs need far less electricity to light the same amount of space, this means that you will be reducing the cost of your fuel bill every month as well. In fact, it's estimated that a single 60 watt energy saving bulb could save you over £38 pounds in electricity charges over the course of its life, while a 100 watt energy saving bulb offers savings are over £60. If that's the difference that just one low energy light bulb can make, imagine what would happen if you changed to energy saving bulbs throughout your home or business!

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