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Banned Light Bulbs

Old fashioned / Traditional light bulb ban

"Shining light on an EU cover up"

The 100w light bulb is no longer being manufactured. Once existing stock runs out they will cease to be available.

What has not been reported is that this does not just apply to a clear 100w bulb. All non-clear, e.g. pearl or frosted bulbs of 15w, 25w, 40w, 60w, 75w and 100w were ALSO banned on the 31st August 09. This is regardless of shape.

Initially, the phase out of bulbs was described as a voluntary decision by UK retailers. However, the truth of the matter is that the manufacturers have been told to stop producing these bulbs in the EU. This means that many retailers who are still selling old fashioned bulbs will not be able to get stock very soon – hardly voluntary.

In fact the big manufacturers (GE, Osram, Philips and Sylvania) are all ceasing production well before the cut off dates.

Ryness Electrical has been selling bulbs for over 40 years in London and cannot believe that the general public has not been made fully aware of this situation.

Ryness is working hard to ensure that a replacement version of all these bulbs is in stock for September but at the moment the energy efficient models are not producing the light quality and start up speed that customers want. 

When will the mandatory phase out of these light bulbs take place?

After these dates, manufacturers will no longer be able to distribute certain types of light bulbs, and retailers won't be able to order new stocks of them in.

1 September 2009

  • 100W or above incandescent light bulbs
  • Non-clear (frosted / pearl) lamps must be minimum A-class

1 September 2010

  • 75W clear incandescent lamps

1 September 2011

  • 60W clear incandescent lamps

1 September 2012 

  • All remaining clear incandescent lamps (40W and 25W)

1 September 2016

  • Phase out of C-class retrofit halogen lamps
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